Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Well Hello Mama!

So, how to begin?  Do you just jump right in assuming anyone that chooses to read your blog already knows you well enough to know your back story?  Do you have a first post that's like a Dickens novel (I was born, I grew up) thereby boring everyone to tears?

Well, here's a compromise.  A fairly short back story and then on to fun.

I'm a 34 year old mother of 2 lovely daughters (8) (11 months).  I work 40 hours a week and sometimes more if the need arises (which it does more often than not).  I'm also a big nerd who loves video games, movies, computers, books, and the like.  I live in the western part of Texas (can't say West Texas after the big explosion in the actual city of West, Texas because people don't always realize there's a comma and get confused).  I'm not married yet, but that will happen this summer in Vegas because I don't feel the need to spend a small fortune on a wedding and then another small fortune on a honeymoon when you can just do both in the same place.  I'm pretty sarcastic and I tend to speak my mind without cause to listen to what I'm saying.

Why am I here:

I'm a mom who has taken care of other people's children for years so I'm not exactly new to the game.  I have tons of opinions and stories that will hopefully help others (even if it's just to laugh and realize you aren't completely nuts).

I try my best not to judge other mamas out there because I know there's not an owner's manual for life and if there was, kids don't read it anyway.  I may throw something out there about how I think something a fellow mama does is insane, but I'm not saying they are wrong, just maybe not performing the smartest of actions.

At any rate, wherever you are, please feel free to read and comment and share ideas.  It should be quite fun.

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